The Attic and the India International Center has organized a series of amazing talks, lectures and events in Delhi called “Dialogues of Faith.” On Thursday, January 17th Jetsun Khandro Rinpoche gave a teaching entitled: “The Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha–The Three Jewels of Buddhism.” I first heard Her Eminence speak at the Shambhala center in Berkeley, California in the Fall of 2004. A few weeks before I knew that she was speaking in Delhi a dear friend of mine was cleaning up her hotmail account and she forwarded me an email I sent to her the day after I heard Jetsun Khandro Rinpoche speak. The email was filled with how amazing I the teachings was and just how honest and real I found Her Eminence to be. The universe works in mysterious ways because only a few weeks later Jetsun Khandro Rinpoche came to speak in Delhi. I just feel so blessed.  The talk was very special. The most important parts of the talk for me included her discussion of the term “universal responsability.” I never really thought about this idea in depth and now I try to engage with this term on a daily basis. She also noted how wisdom and compassion are the two things that separate us from animals. She reminded me about my precious human life and how important it is to stand true to “human-ness.” By not engaging with the bigger questions of life then I am essentially “burning my fortune.” When I was 22 I somehow wound up at an ashram in Brazil and one of the monks there pressed me not to “burn my fortune.” When I asked her to speak to the idea of “enlightened activism” she said that the term itself was contradictory and it reminded me of how Satish Kumar told me that enlightened activism is just a natural expression of the being of individuals like Gandhiji, Mother Theresa, His Holiness etc. I am trying to organize a retreat with Rinpoche with some of my work colleagues and Sangha members in Delhi for some time next Fall.  Here is a link to her personal website: