What follows are some of my brief notes from Tai Situ Rinpoche’s teaching…

Duality = duplicity


Emptiness is reaching beyond any duplicity and you become an embodiment of primordial wisdom which means you cease having limitations of any kind. You manifest perfection because it is primordial wisdom. Ignorance is temporary and wisdom is primordial which is limitless.

Enlightened translators

Form is empty, emptiness is form

Emptiness is non other than the form

You experience emptiness when you experience fullness

Fullness is limitless joy, freedom, peace, unconditional devotion…duality temporarily disappears

Self is empty

Other is empty

I am other empty

We all have un-destructable non dual presence empty of any dualistic entity

Undescribable essence of self

Ultimate essence of everything is nondualistic existence in itself

Not empty of Buddha nature but empty of limitations of duality

Connect the mind and body

When mind = heart you are a wish fulfilling jewel

Manifest what is in you. Let it manifest.