A few months ago I FINALLY read Vinoba Bhave’s “Talks on the Gita.” The most important principle I took from his talks was remaining committed to my svadharma. In the Gita Krishna basically tells Arjuna that it is better to do his dharma poorly than someone else’s well–essentially “live your life.” If you commit to living your svadharma daily then you are always on purpose. There is no need to worry. He also discussed the equation vikarma + karma = akarma. This basically means that if you are on purpose and your intentions are always in line with your actions then you don’t create new karma. You accomplish everything by doing nothing and do nothing by doing everything!

Bhave was one of the teachers of my dear mentor Satish Kumar (Editor of Resurgence magazine). In Satishji’s autobiography “No Destination” he details the principles those staying in Bhave’s ashram lived by. Daily ashramites would pledge to: ahimsa, karuna, sacred sex, non consumerism, physical work, avoidance of bad taste, fearlessness, respect for all religions, local economy, and respect for all beings. I too believe that these are great principles to try and live by. I especially like the fact that “fearlessness” is one of the principles. Oh…if we could all be fearless 🙂