I heard Ven. Tenzin Palmo speak in Delhi in November of 2006. Here is a link to her bio: http://www.gatsal.org/biography.html. I also read the book about her life, Cave in the Snow by Vicki Mackenzie shortly after hearing Ven. Tenzin Palmo speak. I found her talk and the book about her life honest and moving. What follows are my notes from her teaching…

Spiritual materialism is just another game for the ego to play. All the negativity inside us, this is the path, don’t ignore it, accept it and use it.

Use dharma skillfully not just to create another soap opera in our heads. When we look at ourselves naked we can be true to ourselves and love ourselves.

Wherever we live our mind comes with us. Become more conscious and aware. Mindfulness is key. Four to five times every hour look at what the mind is doing because we live in our minds. We must learn how to quiet the minds. One way is to become conscious because we live in our thoughts and emotions doing one thing and thinking something else life becomes useless. Thoughts and feelings are bubbles, they are not real. Samsara is here not out there! Mindfulness makes us remember. Keep your heart open and generate compassion. Samsara is samsara always suffering. Self grasping to stop…put others first…ego is when “me first” put yourself in their place. Treating others how we want to be treated shows the barriers and our duality shows. It is not giving up your sense of Self you don’t believe in that sense of “I” anymore.

Samsara is our projected play, we can enjoy it and not take it seriously.

Mindfulness is an instrument. Music plays through you. A great artist is not conscious of their fingers watching and seeing…attachment helps us get rid of it. To let go we have to see it first. You can only breathe now, not in the future or past only in the present then you are aware.