Someone placed this in my mailbox today 🙂 Author unknown!

“The Dalai Lama tells us to let go of worldly attachments, our grasping and desire, let go of all the baggage we carry. But here in life’s airport signs everywhere say leave no baggage unattended. I picture my little travel bag of fear, the duffel filled with what ifs. And see, it’s all been monogrammed and tagged to follow me through each change of planes and new gate. If I simply leave it, walk away, it will be confiscated, sniffed at by trained dogs who know what to look for; pried open by officials who will see just how it’s been packed, with what haste and uncertainty some of it was stuffed in at the last minute just in case it might be needed. One can’t forsee everything. I’m willing to give up quite a bit but what about the books I bought especially for the trip? The white dress? And after renunciation what? All day I listen to a translator shrivel words into a different language–enlightenment is not confined to one lifetime alone, but is this a comfort? I know it’s not about being idle or extravagant, which often I am, or even exuberant joy unable to contain itself beneath a saffron robe. He doesn’t speak of grace but in the lull of the moment I wonder how should my heart open unless it’s here and now? His Holiness looks up, today’s teaching ends as he descends the dais, smiling and bowing to those he passes. Move simply without encumbrance a body could say. Then there’s the Dalai Lama’s small cloth bag: nothing heavy, notes, reading glasses, perhaps a packet of Kleenex, which another monk now retrieves, totes gently, without pride; no, the bowed head, serene expression. With reverence, I think.”