What follows are my notes from my meetings with Ramu mama…


Everything seeks its own center again – Ramana Maharshi


What we desire we want to appropriate. We need to become established in wisdom. Meditation allows us to expand consciousness so we experience, “I am not this body, this person only etc.”


Lingam, Atman (thumb) points to nothing, no otherness. Sign of not being at odds. The index finger is aggressive so gyana mudra does not distinguish between self and other.


How can we reproduce if we make a distinction between the Self and other? The lingam is not the primitive worship of reproduction. Reproductivity is only possible if we don’t distinguish between ourselves and others.


Linga and yoni = infinity and nonduality SELF is one with all things, center of infinity, everywhere.


Ganesha, the trunk represents memory, remember we are Atman.


Sthitha prajna is to be established in wisdom.


We have neglected human beings, ourselves and nature for too long. We must be alert but not anxious. Man does not live by bread alone but by every word which precedes the mouth of god – Jesus.


We need an ethical, ecological and spiritual understanding of the world. All life is nourished by food and wisdom. We need an ethical agenda, ecological conscience and spiritual awakening. These are the three weapons of mass emancipation. Panic is caused by the neglect of our ethical agenda, ecological conscience and spiritual awakening. The waking, dreaming and dreamless state are equally real. Aurobindoà sattva is the caricature of jyoti. Sattva is luminosity, rajasic = radiance, tamas = peace


Let the light illuminate the ego. The universe is where I’ve come from. Your name represents all the descriptions of all that is. Name = everythingness and nothingness. First name = vastness and Last name = multiplicity


Childhood is central to the Self, first fully formed experience of selfhood is childhood.


I am beyond the duality of duality of nonduality nonduality – Ramana Maharshi


That which is other than you is illusion. You can’t own your reflection in the mirror. The magic of karma is the simultaneousness of it. If you curse some body you curse yourself.


“ocean class, mountain breasted mother earth forgive us for we touch you with our feet.”


Animals don’t kill beyond necessity, that is restraint, that is dharma.


Unexpected, underlying benevolence is the Self. Ramana Maharshi said that the Self resides on the right side of our chest where there is nothing. You will not lose the Self it is in that absence, in nothing.


Massive widespread assistance of life is where the idea of God is from.


Theism is a refusal to say no to underlying benevolence, generosity.


If you think you are only this you have missed it.


Spirituality is not a crutch, it is actually much more difficult…not a crutch but a seed of the real me.


There is a many centeredness of this underlying benevolence.


Polytheism is the plural capability of god.


Divya = divine = luminous


Lakshmi’s slight squint is a mark of beauty


There is a wrathfulness not just benevolence.


Ramuji regarding astrology: Show me the horoscope of the stars, they are also born. Astrology should be updated to include all things (atoms, etc.)


Only by really respecting theism can one come to advaita.


The Buddha’s whole life is a prayer.


Atheism is a crutch!


We must have respect for the mysterious ineffable light.


Agnosticism = not knowledge, theism is not knowledge. Agnosticism pretends not to be aware. Vedanta is the end of knowledge and ignorance.


An other is not another but a reflection of the self/self image


Atheism and agnosticism collapse into advaita connected to everything


To deny that God is out there is atheism…to deny that knowledge is theism is agnosticism…


An atheistic society is Self aware in a sense. Locate your Self in everyone.


Seek to understand everyone’s faith not their religion.


Silence befits the Self-evident


Ramana Maharshi was behind the dualism of nondualism.


Look within and practice.


Karuna = compassion


Compassion is associated with the Buddha, Love is associated with Christ and Joy is associated with the Self.


The Sadhu who is holding out his hands for food is not holding his hands out for you but to god (god will give him food).


Have compassion for those that do bad for you.


Self and Hope…

You are that which you seek to know…

Without the dream state we would not be here. One-third of our life is spent sleeping. Peace is what we settle for when we seek sleep. In dream we are other than one another.


5 senses = pandavas, 1 mind = Draupadi

Tattvasàtatà that = “I am that.”


Dreams are unlike our waking experience. When you love someone else you found that tattva in that person, it is more like a teaching. Reality is MUCH wider than the universe. You will find yourself in the spirit of all religions. Peace = sleep, love = dream


The hope of Indian spirituality is the hope that one will find their Self in everything—that is moksha. Only hope for joy. Prayer becomes hope for joy. Moksha is the notion of liberation from the exclusivist location of ourselves. Sleep gives limited nonduality. Hopelessness is the worst feeling. Soul, mind, ego, god are words—just mental conceptions.


You are already suffering the joys and sorrows of ALL that lives. You are already one with all that lives.

 Mandukya Upanishad

Atman is the center = om = Brahman

Rishi’s see words, they don’t just hear

Om is avoiding aham “I”

Om is Atman, ego vanishes


Upanishad is a tradition where you come close to one another finding that you and the other are not different.


Stir Self-awareness within—I am Self, with Self in Self awareness


The frog is claiming intimacy with the sky, rains and clouds


Om is complete, everything else is elaboration. The universe is produced from Om


Om = wild sound (dog’s barking) it has to do with being close together


We have a primal fear of our vastness. No dictionary is possible without this sound. Om is the courage to face the enemy, calling upon each other. The timeless reality of Selfhood. Philosophy of timelessness is not a prisoner of physicality. Things don’t start with Om, everything collapses into Om. Om is an assurance of nonduality and it is closeness, you are not separate. Conscience without Self awareness will not deliver. Conscience has to be awakened, self-awareness in action like truth cannot be cheapened. Om is also the voice of your own silence.


The paradox of Hindutva is that in killing Gandhi they also proved him right.


Not love one another but All that is.


Ramakrishna – neither the real nor the unreal but the image of real


“When I think of myself as a body I know I am your servant. When I think of myself as the mind I know I am your friend. When I think of myself as the Self I know I am you.” (Hanuman, Spiritual Ramayana)


If you understand the teachings of one sage then you understand the teachings of all. Only something abnormal calls for explanation.


Sanyasins live apart from society but not apart from reality.


Live internally in renunciation of the fruits of your actions. Renounce the idea you are a thing but rather and image.


Moksha is savasana taken absolutely seriously. Mahabharata = culture, Ramayana = nature


Ramana Maharshi is a bit of a Greek philosopher.


The goal/purpose is to understand the meaning of classical (not old but timeless) Indian philosophy and spirituality. When you are born with all that is born and die with all that dies that is moksha. It is the freedom from suffering from the “I am only this” and “I am not this at all” consciousness. When you are everywhere and nowhere you are liberated now. Freedom from the distortion of the meaning of death. You are not born, nor do you die. You live with all that lives. “I want to be one with all and nothingness.” Blessings are inherent in Self-awareness. Don’t fall into the fallacy of simple location.


Truth flourishes where it is needed most—India has always needed nondualistic philosophy. A true blessing totally transforms your view of yourself. Namaste reminds you of the image of the Self and apparent otherness.


Many centeredness (every capital should simultaneously be the capital of the nation). Curses can be nothing but blessings very well disguised. Indian constitution borrows from everywhere but their self. English is close but some distance.


Each time you think of someone as “only that” you are cursing them. You are not a fixed entity, you are a gift of friendship and love.


India and Pakistan should face the fact they are cursing each other in dualistic otherness. Mutually Assumed Destruction, advaita Vedanta doing yourself in.


Be still and know that I am god.


Vedanta = end of knowledge, beginning of wisdom.


From “The Karma of Brown Folk” by Vijay Prashad


“The very conceptualization of a people as having discrete qualities is an act of racist thought, whether the resulting statements be charitable or not.” P. 4


Pure tantra is all sacred and until you are at that level you can’t get it, renunciation of anything is dualistic…if there isn’t anybody that irritates you how can you practice patience?


“Prayer and Meditation, Advaita and Buddhism”  

When is meditation noticed by significant scholars and written about? Your best friend is the last to leave you, it is your breath. Notice and acknowledge the presence of your best friend.

Is meditation a prayer?

Prayer – seek with an agony of heart and mind that presence of divine being

To meditate and pray deeply is not to play it safe…rather it allows for you to accept what is happening with greater insight.

There is danger in looking at meditation and prayer as progress. The area of consciousness and prayer is where you might have to do something difficult.

The ticket collector that threw Gandhi out of the train made the biggest contribution. No prayer goes unanswered but the answer may not be what you want.


Regarding my helper, Nisha…the fact that she is praying itself is a miracle, she prays and does not break down promotes my inquiry, that is a contribution.


Meditation is release from the ego.


If you deny kama and artha than you are unlikely to understand dharma and moksha.


An American Buddhist said that the Buddha did not pray, he just meditated. Buddha did not believe in a soul or god, his whole life was a prayer.


The distinction between he and me is done away with.


There is a beauty in the childlikeness dependability on pooja and ritual.

 Dhyana and Japa…

Knowledge is more otherness, how does this help you? The condition of pleasure is a condition of pain.

Concentration on any object is a way of saying no appearance and not reality the appearance will dissolve. Mind becomes that object, it means the object is an image of yourself. Meditation is a root to seeing the hardest object as an image.


When Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi concentrated completely on death he found that that transcends mind, body, death etc. apparent otherness you become a mountain but the mountain is already you.

Meditationà satyagraha, insistence on truth

Achala = mountain, unmovingness

Leelaà happy to be born again to sport with this notion of apparent otherness


Meditation is the art of converting the wakeful into the dream or see the waking state in the dream state. Apparent otherness – nothing and something are all forms…freedom from identification.


Satyagraha is a refusal to believe in falsehood. Meditation is release from dualistic presence, it is the release from invasion of your consciousness by apparent otherness.


Mother is not one form but all forms


Japaà speech is satyagraha is a way of using repetition to melt the heart of otherness


Nonhuman life is in continuous meditation, meditation is the employment of hard won silence, use of silence and speech to break down otherness


Devotional songs are so powerful


The Self meditating on Self awareness


Biorhythms, the heart beats cyclicly but not repetitively


Calling upon what looks like others


Prayer is chanting, release form madness


Then you must do sadhana


Kirtan à making a kirti, acknowledging god, sankeertana is doing it together


Sthithapragni is groundedness of meditation and prayer in our own being


I will break out of the prison now and always be present, death is not an end it is a realse from exclusivism


The goal of education is to explain to a child the meaning of their name and show them a way to live up to the name realizing this is Self-awareness


Meditation is an instance of satyagraha, heart beats for all that lives and dies with all that does


Holià you obliterate the idea that you are only this color


Thumb = symbol of selfhood


Any unjust act is the denial of Atman, denial of Selfhood


Original sin = abandonment of nondualism


*root of injustice is thinking you are only this


Kama’s wife rati says to siva, “don’t kill kama, transform lust into beauty”


Justice = you have harmed my soul. How can I treat anyone else as the Self


Justice is the absence of any desire to undermine selfhood, celebrate all manifestations as you


When you obscure your self awareness this is injustice


Holi = festival of Atman celebrating its many colorful forms


All injustice is equally dangerous distinction between the self and other has to be overcome


Satyagraha is the insistence of truth and nonduality everywhere


Explosive unrestrained love can only counter terrorism


See the magnificent omnipresence of reality, injustice is just an invitation to annihilation, match madness with madness not with sanity


Knowing the thumb is enough, expression of self by the illiterate


This is your house father, I’m going to join my beloved


Self being everywhere. In this explosion of light can we counter the explosion of hate


Transform this lust for killing into love for the limitless


Mistake of thinking someone as other


We the people of India are trustees of each and every part of life


All difficult things are impermanent, emptiness is the moment where there is no disorganized fantasy…you can watch your mind instead of TV or film


Don’t present to be brave


Emptiness is emptiness of inherent existence in and of itself.

 Meaning of life 

You can find the meaning of life only if you dedicate all of your energies to answering this question.


Respect the condition of deep sleep and the deep joy of things beyond…deep sleep is something wonderful.


Beautiful experience of experienceless (sleeping soundly) deep sleep = no fear


Life is meaningful, we sleep most of the time


Discovery of the meaning of life must have a space for the lack of experience, resolution of discovery of the meaning of life, fear of death.


To understand the meaning of life, one must understand the blessing of sleep.


What is self preservation?

We know we will die. Why not self annihilate instead of self preserve

Art of life symbolizes timelessness of self. Self preservation is not life friendly, it might corrupt and distort it, self realization.

The flower has not yet wilted, take care of it.

We were there as nothingness, we were there always.

Lullabyà voice of trust that takes you back to a secure place an invitation to move into the dream state.

Opportunity for self revelation, see new forms of the self, not survival. Meaning of life is self revelation.

Emptiness of future, limitless possibilities

Age of revolution can only be supported by age of revelation

When we awake, awaken the divinity within us

Each one is everyone else, individual sleep is everyone else’s sleep

Self revelation = we are that too

When Ramakrishna was sick he said, “there are many others of me who are well”

Life is not a struggle for survival but a festival of self revelation

How is self preservation taught in schools?

Menstruation = pregnant with nothingness, revealing another face of the Self

There is no denying there is joy in eating but eat modestly and enjoy every grain.

Singh = lion

Joyous union/joyour renunciate

Anekantwadà no one reality, elephant and blind men. Supreme state between being and nonbeing is Nirvana

Impermanence is anicca, dharma is truth, order, path righteousness

The self, both the universal and the individual has no parallel in western thought or literature.

2 features of Aurobindo’s thought psychology integral nature, experiental

Mystical experience pertains to a great consciousness beyond mind and is therefore supra intellectual. The mystic speaks about the supra-intellectual in philosophical or intellectual terms in order to communicate to those who still live in mental intelligence.


Samsara (film)

How can one prevent a drop of water from every drying up? By throwing it into the sea.

Everything you contact is a place to practice the way.

Even the Buddha was allowed worldly life until the age of 29. how do we know his enlightenment was a direct result of his worldly existence too? What is more important, satisfying 1000 desires or conquering just one?


Dharma Talk in Dharamsala, April 2nd

We have to look at ourselves and see if we are free of compulsive actions to free ourselves form the dominion of the lord of death…a human birth is the ideal time to free oneself from bondage.

Must develop a real, genuine wish for freedom from the binds of contaminated action. We have to understand clearly what it means to be bound. The real samsara is in our mind.