I had the wonderful opportunity to hear Dr. Fritjof Capra speak in Delhi a few days ago. He spoke about how there are those out there making a move to shift away from the cartesian, marxist, materialistic, dualistic paradigm…people realize that this dichotomous model is flawed. He spoke on the science for sustainable living and Dr. Karan Singh (Chairman of the ICCR) gave “quite” the introduction where he managed to talk about Sri Aurobindo, quote from the Upanisads and mention Harry Potter. What follows are some of my notes from his talk.

Aurobindo believed that the human race will evolve, thinking will evolve. We live in networks and in human society through communication we produce something very powerful but nonmaterial…thoughts and ideas have meaning. He spoke about the biological, cognitive and social dimensions and the synthesis of these.

Education today must focus on having students explore hidden connections. Real knowledge is to perceive the hidden connections between phenomenon. Networks are basic patterns of organization. Descartes focused on mind and matter but the mind is not a thing but a process that can allow us to overcome Cartesian duality. Soul and Spirit, breath of life.

Ecological design, sustainability…model our communities after nature’s ecosystems. We must teach our children to be ecologically literate. Take a look at Lester Brown’s “Plan B.”