On Tuesday, February 12th I attended a teaching given by Ven. Rita Rinker at the Tushita Center in Delhi. What follows are my notes…

We would like to have a positive mind but it is tough to control the mind. Compassion, Love, Equanimity (Evenmindedness), and Joy. You must have equanimity before compassion. We feel angry when we do not get what we want. When you really look at the mind there is complete confusion and so many thoughts.

What do you gain from anger?

We hide our true nature…true nature of mind is clear (water and sand…covered with negative mind)

When we develop the mind of compassion we kick our body and speech into action.

Mental happiness and peace…try to think may all beings be free from suffering.

Time is not a factor and trust that enlightenment is possible.

Start every morning by saying: “Wow! I have Buddha nature!”

The more effort you put into it the more energy you have.

Being with the breath is the best antidote for the discursive mind. You meditate to learn to know your mind.

It is an illusion to think you can help others when you don’t know how to help yourself.

We need to believe in our own goodness.

Positive mind feels good because it is our nature.

When you get annoyed think to yourself, “the only thing this person wants is to be happy.”

Instead of me vs. them is becomes “I am thou.”