Today Dr.Anuradha Shah Veeravalli of the Dept. of Philosophy, University of Delhi will spoke to our Philosophy group about Ramuji’s philosophy of Advaita in a talk she titled, “Ramlila: The Metaphysics of the Everyday.” What follows are my notes…

He spoke about the metaphysical in the everyday (I am Thou, Cricket example)

Consistently applying advaitic vision…recognizing the Self in the other. Engagement with oneness and unity

Self, Self-consciousness

Many centeredness of the Self and illusion of the other

Nondualism,…unity of the Self, many centeredness, concepts of lila and communication

Dualism is rampant in the university and the same time it is a worthy opponent but definitely not kind to nonduality

IIC was the narasimha…neither in or out

Both ashram and the university were not satisfying to RG

Many centeredness of the many…negotiating the Lila of every day

Pg. 233 of I am Thou

2 cannot play…Siva is the destroyer of duality

gurwind singh, hyderbad “metaphysical foundations of education”

the advaitin engaged with name and form

breathlessness of the university…cholsterphobic…dualistic

not taking a stand irritated RG

invocation – vocation and bakti
allows us to participate in cosmic creation


there cannot be knowledge that we are not self conscious. All vocation is dhyana…meaning of work is worship

karma and bakti…partaking in the whole

I am Thou, jivatma desire to be jnani

Expresses lila with the metaphysics of every day life


Negative theology, closer to unnamed…what is god

All of attributes and not having any attributes that is the Self

Consciousness of something other than it Self…consciousness is NOT the mind

Witness emptiness and nothingness…advaita is all about purna not sunya and sunya was RG’s negotiation with Buddhism

Turiya which is you

Apparent self and apparent other

Father Mother Son Turiya—4 not 3 for RG

Ability to be self conscious of the self and the other

Many centeredness of the self and illusion of otherness and witnessing lila is a complete every day sadhana

Every moment recognizing reality and non reality

He stayed away from the word illusion

The idea of OM really emerged in the last five years

Importance of the Mandukya

Addressing one by name calls one to Self Awareness

Om sound transcends…mmm is the sound of someone being gagged not being allowed to breathe so he recognizes the darkness too

Advaita recognizes the problem of dualism

Structure and institution, unwilling presence in a classroom

RG’s work as offering

Later works respond to creative energy not critical inquiry

Philosophers find metaphysics difficult to come to terms with

Performance of Svaraj

His life was about that lila…lila with vidyapeeth

Open to general public, engage with ordinary people..telling stories to slum children

Deeply interested in the consciousness of everyone here