Being a teacher this time of year is always very emotional for me. I also tend to cry when anything moves me and it seems as if I am constantly being moved. I guess I would rather always feel than be numb to the world. Anyway, tonight at our faculty farewell my boss read the following excerpt from Natalie Goldberg’s “Long Quiet Highway.”

“Whether we know it or not, we transmit the presence of everyone we have ever known, as though by being in each other’s presence we exchange our cells, pass on some life force and then we go on carrying that other person in our body, not unlike the springtime when certain plants in fields we walk through attach their seeds in the form of small burrs to our socks, out pants, our caps, as if to say, “Go on, take us with you, carry us to root in another place”…This is why it is important who we become, because we pass it on.”

As I left the faculty farewell (I am in the middle of our yearly farewells…I think there are only 4 more ‘official’ engagements left–so more tears to come for me!) I couldn’t help but feel so blessed and grateful for my life, my job, my friends and my family. I just feel so lucky. I love my life. I really, truly, deeply LOVE my life. How many people can say that with complete confidence and sincerity? I am just so thankful. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. The threads of friendship and experiences in my life have created  a beautiful tapestry…and it is all only just beginning 🙂