“Non-duality means that only the Absolute it. The entire cosmos exists within the Absolute, having no intrinsic reality but merely manifesting the Absolute which, however, remains eternally unchanged and unmanifest, as the people and events in a man’s dream exist within him and have no reality apart from him and yet add nothing to him by their creation and subtract nothing from him by their disappearance. This means that the Absolute is the Self of the cosmos and of every being. Therefore by seeking his Self, by the constant investigation ‘Who am I?’ it is possible for a man to realize his identity with Universal Being.” (Osborne, pg. 91)


Many may recoil from the idea of deconstruction of the mind or (what comes to the same thing) of the separate individuality and find it terrifying, and yet it happens to us daily in sleep and, far from being afraid to go to sleep, we find it desirable and pleasant, even though in sleep the mind is stilled in only an ignorant way. In rapture or ecstasy on the other hand, the mind is momentarily absorbed and stilled in a fragmentary experience of the bliss that is its true nature.” (Osborne, pg. 94)